From the creator of the 99 Newsletter Project:

Pick It Up

Pick It Up is a newsletter from Cory Brown about how to build loyal audiences, how to craft messaging that makes people act, and learning how to let your audience guide your business.

What this newsletter isn't:

  • A curated list of links every issue (other people have that taken care of).
  • Another collection of “Best Practices” and predictions.
  • Growth hacks. This newsletter is about building. Growth hackers can pound sand.
  • The 99 Newsletter Project. This newsletter is focused on audiences in general, not newsletters specifically. However, newsletters will probably come up from time to time.

You will get a lot out of the Pick It Up newsletter if:

  • You think there are better ways to measure success, but aren’t sure where to start.
  • Being a big fish in a small pond sounds like a good spot to build a community.
  • You would rather earn the slow dime than a fast nickel.

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