The Sunshower Project

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Available for early-stage journalists from historically excluded backgrounds.

The Sunshower Project
Sample Layouts

Airworks Layout

Screenshot of the front page of a journalist portfolio website. The background is purple, and the page is divided into two horizontal sections. At top is the profile pic in a circular frame. Below that is the person's name (Kai Riley) in orange. Under the name in white text is lorem ipsum to show where a description would go. Beneath the description are social buttons for Twitter, LinkedIn and Email in a cyan color. At the bottom are cyan navigation buttons: Home, Work, Education.View Live Demo

Buena Layout

Screenshot of a personal website for journalist. The top section is two columns. On the left is the journalist's name, a brief tagline and social network logos for Twitter and LinkedIn. In the right column is a photo of the journalist. The section below has a light grey background with the heading "Recent work." Following that heading are headlines of stories produced by the journalist, where it was published, and the date., followed by a button that says "Read Story."View Live Demo

Escapade Layout

Screenshot of the demo for the Escapade template for a free website for early-stage journalists. It's a subtle color palette, white, grey, dark green. The top section is the person's name, a tagline and social icons stacked on the left with a circular profile picture on the right. Sections are divided by a gold horizontal line. The next section down is the biography, with a few paragraphs of dummy text. Next are Sample Clips, with headlines and links to stories in the journalist's portfolio.View Live Demo

Upfield Layout

Screenshot of the front page of a journalist portfolio website. The background is white, and the page is divided into three horizontal sections. The top section is navigation: Home, About, Written, Broadcast, Resume, Contact. The second section is a circle profile pic, with their name underneath the photo, a tagline under the name, and a professional description under the tagline. The bottom section is social icons for LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.View Live Demo